The Whelan Group’s Summer Focus Group Series

Scott Novak, Executive Vice President of the Whelan Group and Ross Clurman, Director of Marketing and Interactive Technology, will be conducting a series of focus groups around the country with high school students and college freshman this summer.

The focus groups will be designed to provide the staff at The Whelan Group with firsthand feedback about student trends, likes and dislikes and how they relate to our clients’ recruitment efforts.

Scott Novak had this to add:

“Staying true to our tagline [of] ‘Inspiration for a New Generation’ we are using the summer months as a time to coordinate focus groups around the country to enhance our knowledge of how to most effectively recruit students. We will be focusing on what types of communications they respond to [email, text, print, etc.], what web-based tools they use [Facebook, Twitter, etc.] and also testing current marketing materials to see which ones are well-received.”

“This feedback will certainly play a role in our development of effective marketing campaigns with current and future clients. Understanding this generation and hearing directly from them about what inspires them is our first priority.”

“We want to be a company that ‘listens’, not one that ‘tells’, and this series of focus groups will help us with everything from Search campaign coordination to viewbook development.”

The results of our focus groups will be used in preparing presentations for upcoming conferences and new client meetings.