Becoming More Than Facebook Friends

Imagine yourself getting ready for a blind ‘e-date’. If you could choose between Facebook and your school’s website, who would you click with?

While many college websites have a lot going for them, your Facebook page probably knows much more about you (your friends, your “likes”, the embarrassing pictures you take on the weekend – you get the idea). The Facebook interface is designed to enhance consumer experience with every click.

Can you say the same about your school’s web presence?

The University of Phoenix is beginning to vocalize its matchmaking ambitions. The school is developing a “Learning Genome Project” to better acquaint itself with every student who steps foot onto the ‘e-campus’.

By tracking activity in online classrooms, Phoenix plans to gain insight into students’ “learning modality preferences” (preferences for written versus visually-presented information, for example). If customized learning proves to be successful, Phoenix will break the “one-size-fits-all” mold of the typical online education.

What are you doing to stay ahead of the times? Schools who are comfortable watching from the backseat will end up there – behind Facebook and University of Phoenix – as the undesired third-wheel. To better your school, you must first better your student relationships. If you don’t know how, follow Facebook’s lead (they’re obviously doing something right if your students spend time in-class socializing on the popular social network).

Source: Steve Kolowich, Inside Higher Ed