Introducing Jennifer Fisher!

Jennifer Fisher, TWG PlusWe are excited to welcome Jennifer Fisher, our new vice president of business development.

Jennifer brings more than 20 years of experience in sales and marketing to TWG Plus. Moreover, she spent the last decade at Pearson Education, where she developed a passion for technology and life-long learning.

Jennifer’s barely been here a week and she’s already been on the road with our Enrollment Guy, Nathan Alexander. Her drive to share TWG Plus’ consistency and expertise in higher education marketing is already helping her to build strong relationships. We think that she perfectly represents the TWG Plus commitment to providing customer-focused solutions that help our clients achieve more with less.

We can’t wait to see what she does next!

Doing the Right Thing.

The final course prior to graduation, or Capstone, at St. Edward’s University in Austin is titled, Moral Issues in Society (Civic Engagement Emphasis).

None of us, at TWG Plus are ignorant of this way of thinking. Not a day goes by without hearing of someone promoting a cause. The team is consistently lauding schools(clients) for their global awareness, cultural engagement, or civic service.

We are all familiar with valuing others above ourselves. So when I was asked to write something about my riding the MS150 again this year, I jumped on the opportunity.
Anyway, Let’s beat MS!

Why I Ride

The first time I rode the 150 was to fulfill a personal challenge. When riding through Fayetteville a man in a wheelchair gave me a “high five” and told me, “Thanks for riding!” It was an emotional moment. I decided I would ride to fight MS every year. I believe in the work the National MS Society does and want to be an active part of it. I know I can count on your help.

Why I’m Moving Forward

Multiple sclerosis is a progressive neurological disease that affects people in many different ways. It could be paralysis one day, loss of vision the next or impaired memory the day after that.

Living with MS means living with uncertainty.

When it comes to MS, only three things are certain:

1. Another American is newly diagnosed with MS every hour of every day. 

2. Many people are joining the movement toward a world free of MS – including me.
3. There is no cure for MS.

Let’s Move Forward Together

The Society organizes 100 rides nationwide. The funds they raise fuel research aimed at treating and eventually curing MS; they also provide crucial services for persons living with MS.

I’m helping the National MS Society move forward toward a world without MS and making a difference in the lives of 400,000 Americans with multiple sclerosis.

Please join me! 

Last year the support of my co-workers pushed me well above my fundraising goal.

Although Central Texas didn't share in the snow this winter, it was still cold training in 35 degrees with 25 mph winds and drizzle.

Although Central Texas didn’t share in the snow this winter, it was still cold training in 35 degrees with 25 mph winds and drizzle.

Thank you!

My current fundraising is at 63% of goal!
To support the cause go to:

How Do You Know If Your Brand Strategy Is Working?

We understand that you’ve invested a lot of time and energy in your brand strategy. Unfortunately, we all too often find ourselves too busy to check our brand’s ‘vital signs’ to confirm that all of that effort is paying off.  We can help with that.

Join me and Catherine Herman, VP of communications and marketing at SUNY Albany, for a FREE Webinar:

Together, we will explain how to:

• Build benchmarks into your branding initiative
• Use data to strengthen your marketing efforts
• Use web analytics to support your brand more effectively

Attend this informative webinar and walk away with the means to uncover and present tangible proof that your brand is thriving!  See you there!

Beatrice Szalas, Vice President, TWG Plus

Beatrice Szalas

Beatrice Szalas

About Beatrice: Beatrice brings more than 17 years of research, integrated marketing, and institutional brand development experience to TWG Plus. During her career, Beatrice has led the development of marketing and recruitment campaigns for institutions across the U.S.and Canada. 

Throughout her career, Beatrice’s client work has won dozens of ADDY and HEMR awards while achieving measurable results for her clients enrollment, fundraising, and brand building efforts.


Catherine Herman

Catherine Herman

Catherine Herman is the Special Assistant to the Vice President for Research and Former Vice President of Strategic Communications and Marketing at the University at Albany. She is responsible for the overall development and implementation of strategic public relations and marketing programs.

Cathy has implemented several award-winning initiatives that have advanced campus communications among University constituents and improved the institution’s brand identity and visibility in the national media. 


Top 10 Tips for Improving your Brand Performance [INFOGRAPHIC]



What’s The Trick to Improving Your Higher Education Search and Branding?

twgplus - higher education predictive modeling,brandAdd a Rapid Insight and TWG Plus partnership to your marketing toolkit.

Just yesterday, September 5th, 2013, we announced our partnership with Rapid Insight.

This alliance is a natural fit.  With Rapid Insight, we can provide the most interesting, clear and accessible higher education predictive modeling available.

I see this as an important step in the growth of TWG Plus and higher education marketing.  Once mutually exclusive, Branding and Search (Direct Marketing) are experiencing a convergence. From the ROI of Social Media to the analytics from LinkedIn University, higher ed gains new data tools to measure the path to Enrollment, but brand saliency and equity as well.

Yes, our partnership with Rapid Insight will provide sound target segmentation for email and print campaigns.  But that’s just the beginning. This insight will fuel collaboration amongst enrollment managers, brand managers and our creative teams that produce effective and beautiful design. Combine these tools with our digital campaign analytics from our Digital Viewbooks and Google Adwords and you have a recipe for a higher education marketing company that is fresh and ready for the next generation of students.

Hooray Data! Hooray Brands!

Four Ways to Give Your Enrollment Campaign a Boost

Meet Amanda

A former Director of Financial Aid, Amanda leads the Strategic Enrollment Consultant team. When it comes to collaboration on enrollment campaigns, she has her Master’s in Ninja.

Amanda Randolph-bw


She. Cannot. Touch. Cotton. Balls.
She just did her first unassisted backbend in Yoga class.


John Deere!




Meet Jeremy

Where hasn’t Jeremy worked? He has higher education experience in Admissions, Financial Aid, and Registrar’s Office. He understands how everything fits together and strategizes integrated search campaigns accordingly.

Jeremy Sturdahl-bw


He coaches girls Fastpitch.
He has two rescue dogs. One fits neatly under the other.


Which one of my daughters is playing?






Don’t let Jessica’s quiet demeanor fool you. She is Gung Ho as they come. Looking outside your usual market? Call Jessica. She has extensive experience in opening lucrative new recruitment territories for admissions offices. Oh, that’s done with a smile.



She has a strong aversion to napkins touching teeth; her own or anyone else’s.

She has somehow survived living in the city of St. Louis, Missouri, for more than 10 years, which has been voted as the “most dangerous city in America” several times.


How to Silhouette Your Pet.



Quick! Describe Stacey in one word. Epic come to mind? It should. A stickler for publication timelines, Stacey has a master’s degree in higher education from Appalachian State University.

Stacey Kammerdiener-bw


Just purchased a Vespa and now feels like a full-blown Austinite.
Plays the trombone and piano and was drum major of her high school band (nerd alert).


The one on her head.  Safety first, y’all.