Focus Your Search: A Guide to List Buying

With tight budgets and increasing goals, searching for the right students can often seem like an uphill battle. You know you should purchase a list, but where do you start, and how do you narrow down your options? We’ve put together a list of concerns you may have, to help focus your search efforts.

Geography: Before buying all names in your state, consider your past enrollment data. What zip codes yielded actual enrolled students? Start your marketing efforts there.

Feeder Schools: What high schools have historically contributed to your incoming classes? Start with these in your buy and begin visiting them.

Score Ranges: What is your sweet spot in terms of score ranges, both for the SAT and ACTs? Start with a wide range of students that live close to your campus. The further away from campus you look for prospective students, the narrower the range of test scores should be.

Special Preferences: Consider your brand, your achievements, and your history. Does this appeal to a particular type of student?

Denominations or Religious Beliefs: On this topic, is your school a secular institution, or are denominational services part of your curriculum? Students who have expressed interest in a similar lifestyle are often a good fit.

Majors Preferences: When pushing a specific college, program or strength your school may hold, it is important to market to students who are also interested in that specific area of study- especially if those students will have to travel to visit you.

Extracurriculars: You may want to push enrollment to students who engaged in specific extracurricular activities. For instance, a religious university may want to designate ‘1 year of activity in a religious organization’. Other examples might include ecology and conservation, equestrian arts, worship and ministry, aviation, student government, or many others.

Athletics: If you’ve got a strong athletic program or you’ve recently started competing in a specific sport, it makes sense to search for prospective students who have also competed in, or would like to compete in that sport.

Alumni: Friends and family are your biggest proponents. Leverage that free marketing by identifying the purchased prospects who share a last name and address with alumni. We call it legacy matching!

Transfer students: Transfer students are often an untapped resource. Purchasing a list of ready-to-transfer students provides a unique cross-section of prospects that are most certainly going to transfer to a four-year university. While it is expensive, it may be your best resource.

In all your list buying and search efforts, research and discovery are key. Knowing where you’ve been, how you’ve historically performed, and who the “likely to enroll” prospects are, is vital to unlocking your prospects. Don’t be intimidated by the entire list buying and search process. Taking it one step at a time will get the job done, and TWG Plus is here to help. Reach out to us anytime to discuss how we can offer assistance, or even create a custom list purchase for you!