TWG Plus Partners with College Raptor

This week TWG Plus announced a partnership that will enable our institutional partners to use College Raptor’s fast and mobile-friendly net price calculator.

“TWG’s partnership with College Raptor allows us to further strengthen the focus on our core end-to-end marketing solutions for education institutions while offering clients a robust net price calculator. We researched the market and found that College Raptor had the best solution. These colleges will benefit from the best of both worlds,” said Christine Wyatt, CEO of TWG Plus.

TWG Plus partners with higher education to provide end-to-end marketing solutions. In order to deliver the very best solutions for our clients, TWG Plus chose College Raptor to ensure an exceptional NPC experience for both students and education institution.

“College cost is critically important when students and parents are researching higher education options, but that information is often hard to find,” said Bill Staib, CEO of College Raptor. “We created a net price calculator that is optimized for mobile and is faster to use than other options out there. That means more students and parents can access and complete it. Everybody wins.”

College Raptor serves higher education institutions with mobile-friendly net price calculators, early EFC estimates for prospective students, advanced predictive modeling, customize enrollment consulting projects, and qualified lead generation from its student-facing college discovery platform. So far, over 1 million visitors have used and College Raptor’s mobile app during the college search process.

About TWG Plus: 
TWG Plus is a full-service education marketing company located in Austin, Texas, and Charlotte, North Carolina. With a portfolio of services from student search and publications to branding, research, and digital media consultation, the TWG Plus approach combines data, strategy, and creativity so that colleges and universities achieve optimal results in their marketing efforts. For more information visit

About College Raptor: 
College Raptor, based in Iowa City, Iowa, empowers prospective students, parents, high school counselors, and college enrollment managers to resolve challenges related to college planning, financing and enrollment. College Raptor ( is the only service that enables students and families to discover quality, affordable college options based on personalized estimates of financial aid, scholarships, academic match, and acceptance chances at every four-year college in the country.

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For inquiries about College Raptor, contact Tim McDougall (319) 538-7527