54 Things You Need to Know About Gen Z

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Feel like you just got to know Millennials? Well, the time has come to effectively say they’re (I am) old news. It’s all about the next fresh-faced generation – “Generation Z.” While they’re similar to their predecessors in a lot of ways, there are some stark differences that make them unique. Most haven’t experienced a world without social media, and the concept of labels is less important. Brace yourself, there’s a lot here, but take some time to get to know and understand them and it will pay off. If there is a simple concept that remains consistent though, it’s be authentic.

  1. Born between 1995-2010
  2. Approximately 1/4 of the total US population at 60 million currently, estimated to be 1/3 by 2020
  3. Consistently use emojis, hashtags, and short videos to communicate in new ways
  4. Industrious, and future-conscious. Personified by Alex of “Modern Family”
  5. Majority do not recall life without social media
  6. Will be the last generation that consists of a Caucasian majority. Currently comprised of 47% ethnic minorities
  7. Spend 2 to 4 times more time watching YouTube videos than traditional TV
  8. Approximate 8 second attention span
  9. Value experiences more than material items, and are willing to spend more on said experiences
  10. Deterring from traditional norms, and identities are defined more fluidly
  11. 48% identify as exclusively heterosexual
  12. Referred to as the “pluralist generation”
  13. Online and offline worlds are synchronized more than ever
  14. Value personal connections and privacy
  15. Averse to perfection, as it isn’t seen as genuine
  16. View spending as investment, and are highly aware of finances
  17. Friends and family significantly influence 84% of purchasing decisions
  18. Digital influencers are new superstars as they are seen as more accessible and authentic
  19. Twice as likely to use a cell phone to online shop
  20. Work not defined by a physical location
  21. New social platforms emphasize privacy
  22. Aware that digital footprints are forever
  23. “Normcore” (normal hard-core) fashion trend
  24. Define themselves less by gender and more through individuality
  25. More progressive world view
  26. High levels of digital aptitude at younger ages
  27. Be ready for a decent blend of careerists and digital mavericks, based on tech success from Zuckerberg, Spiegel, etc.
  28. Want personalization from brands
  29. Raised mainly by involved parents from Generation X
  30. Value loyalty
  31. Team sport participation has declined, as physical activity has taken a backseat to interactivity. Sports like soccer, baseball, and golf have seen decreases in participation – presumably due to their slow nature and the generation’s minimal attention spans
  32. Less motivated by material rewards, and more motivated by altruistic pursuits
  33. Experience and see the world through numerous screens
  34. More prone to procrastination due to the accessibility of information
  35. Communication with advisors occurs after traditional hours because of 24/7 access
  36. Immediate gratification mindset
  37. FOMO – “fear of missing out”
  38. Many perform freelance or on-demand work (Uber, Lyft, Airbnb, etc)
  39. High college costs and significant loan debt result in a more financially conscious and conservative group
  40. 47% participate in organized religion
  41. Socially moderate to liberal, while financially conservative
  42. Proclivity towards more genuine, imperfect messaging
  43. Value social justice – 56% concerned about racism, 56% concerned with sexism, and 61% concerned about poverty
  44. Over 9/10 have access to a computer
  45. 1/3 send roughly 100 texts a day
  46. Phone communication is increasingly non-verbal – 65% dislike or somewhat like making voice phone calls
  47. Email is seen as a formal and slower form of communication
  48. Over 2/3 prefer interacting with family and friends face-to-face as opposed to over social media or online
  49. Less exposure with in-person communication, although they have a desire for it
  50. 41% of time spent outside of the classroom is spent on a connected device
  51. Social media is used less to share about themselves, and more to keep up with others
  52. Over half of Facebook users have private profiles so they can control who sees their information
  53. Different social media platforms are used for different purposes. Facebook is typically for family and keeping up with others, while Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat are for friends.
  54. Nearly 9/10 report being extremely close to their parents






Seemiller, Corey and Megan Grace. Gen Z Goes to College

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