Should You Pay Attention to Peach?

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It’s gotten a generous amount of buzz over the last couple weeks across the interwebs, but what is this new messaging app that is apparently the next best thing? Peach. Cute name, basic interface and functionality. Seems simple enough, but you’re probably either rolling your eyes right now or shuddering at the thought of having to add another platform to your workload. “Chandler, do I really have to pay attention to this one?” The short answer is maybe, but read on to find out more. You could end up a full lap ahead of your competition in the higher ed world.

In a nutshell, Peach is a messaging app. Think along the lines of the seemingly millions of them out there. Yes, there’s yet another one trying to make a splash. It allows users to send simple messages to their friends who they add on the platform. Send text, pictures, and GIFs to your friends quickly on a clean interface. There isn’t a main stream on Peach like there is on Facebook or Twitter, so you won’t be inundated with posts you don’t want to see. It gives it a more intimate feel.

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There are three central sections – friends you follow, friends of friends, and your profile where you can see all of the posts you’ve sent. Your friends can see, comment and like your posts, just like on the other major platforms.

What’s different about Peach, and what it has to be banking on for its success, is its Magic Words feature. Whenever you type “GIF” for example, it will allow you to automatically search for and post a GIF. The intriguing part of the feature is that while there are plenty of commands that are well-known (draw, shout, move, etc), there are plenty left to be discovered.

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As it is, it’s hard for me to see a direct translation to the world of higher ed. Not sure there will be enough students willing to become friends with you to make it worth your while, but that was also the case with Snapchat. Peach says it “reads every review to make Peach better for you.” If it can stay around long enough to evolve and not become another casualty in the failed app cemetery (RIP, Meerkat), it very well could be an app you don’t want to ignore.

Creating a Golden Spark

High school teenagers looking to embark on the long and arduous journey that is the college application process, are constantly bombarded with messages, and have to provide personal information so many times that if they didn’t already know their parents’ birthdays or social security number, it’s now burned into their memory. With all of the noise and monotony inherent in the application process, how can a school stand out and stay at the top a student’s mind?

Well, while you can dream of having students tripping over themselves to provide you their information, don’t quite get your hopes set that high. But there are a few tactics like interaction and strong branding that can help improve your results. Combine this with a consistent, comprehensive campaign across social, print, and email, and your message will actually have a chance to stand above the noise.

TWG Plus utilized these tactics to create a website for Northern Kentucky University designed to mine information from potential students, and won gold at the 2015 Education Digital Marketing Awards for its successful project.

In developing the Northern Kentucky University landing page, it was imperative we create a site that engaged students and encouraged them to submit their information.  The landing page we developed for NKU integrated their new brand while at the same time utilized “gamification” as an added tool to entice the student to take action. 

The site, combined with the coordinated mailers, have resulted in building the NKU inquiry and application pool with students who are interested in NKU for their many fantastic academic programs, campus facilities and student activities!

Find your Spark: NKU Landing Page

2015 Education Digital Marketing Award Winners

The 2015 Education Digital Marketing Awards measured our work among the best in the nation results are in! We are happy to announce that this year we brought home 8 great wins!

We are proud to congratulate our higher education partners on their 2015 digital awards and look forward to another great year!

Gold Winners:

Monmouth College Digital Viewbookmonmouth_dvb


Northern Kentucky University Landing Page


Silver Winner:

University of Virginia at Wise Digital Viewbook

iPhone5_black [Converted].eps


Bronze Winner:

Manhattanville College Digital Viewbook



Merit Winners:

Catawba College Digital Viewbook
Maryville University School of Adult and Online Education Landing Page
Stevenson University Digital Viewbook
Stevenson University Landing Page