Bloomfield College Embraces Their Brand

bloomfield pubAs the A-Team’s Hannibal once said, “I love it when a plan comes together.” And it certainly has with our partnership with Bloomfield College.

Earlier this year, we partnered with Bloomfield to help them engage in a broad-scale branding project.Their goals were threefold: create a thoughtful brand that reflects the spirit of the College; generate pride and excitement within the College community; and roll the brand out in a way that will engage prospective students and their families.

We’re proud to say that the first phase of the brand launch is well under way and we could not be happier with the results! Bloomfield College is an innovative leader in coaching students and helping them develop both inside and outside of the classroom. Their brand, centered around the theme of helping students ‘write their own story’, captures the essence of their mission while focusing on their students, just as every member of their community does on a daily basis. We believe that’s why it is resonating so well on all levels.

Most exciting for us is working with a partner who ‘gets it’. Bloomfield College has embraced their new brand fully and enthusiastically. Together, we’ve refreshed their recruitment publications, developed a new website, re-launched their YouTube channel and completely revamped their tour program. Bloomfield College is taking the ball and running with it! Don’t take our word for it, read more about it in their alumni magazine here:

Bloomfield College is going places and we’re glad to be along for the ride.

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