Instagram into Action for Higher Education

I am always looking for ideas and tips on how to do new things.

You may be like me and read the instructions on how to assemble a swing set. Or you may be the kind of person that can just do it without help from the printed word. More power to you if you can, but I like clear, concise, instructions.

I found these top 40 tips on Instagram marketing and I’d thought I’d share it with you. I find myself, my wife and my son on Instagram all the time. It’s a regular family affair.

How many other families like mine are using Instagram daily? According to Instagram, the app reaches 200 million active users who share 60 million photos on average per day. That’s a lot of selfies and food photos.

In fishing as well as marketing, you have to go where the fish are. Students are on Instagram. Where are you?

Take a quick read through this cool infographic and put your “Insta into Action!”


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Instagram Marketing Strategies Infographic

Whiskers for Marilyn Update

photoI am thrilled to announce that today, we went over our original goal for No-Shave November to help with the costs of treatment for my sister, Marilyn Nowlin. Not only not have we reached the goal, but we even surpassed it. The whole process has been amazing and there are no words to convey our thanks to each and every one of you who have generously participated. We have about two more weeks to add on to the goal. Fantastic!

My sister and her husband Jim are incredibly grateful for this outpouring of support. Her morale has greatly improved as she faces an upcoming chemo treatment. Those of you who know someone who has cancer understand the benefit of staying positive throughout the treatment. This has been an added benefit.

We are halfway through the No-Shave project. In my opinion, it has been a tremendous success. I had no idea what we might raise and would have been happy with any amount. You have no idea just how good it feels to know that so many people care. Thanks again to all of you from our family!


Trials of an Enrollment Guy, Part 4

This post is my fourth installment in the continuing story about my now 18 year old son.

He is a very intelligent (top 10 in his class), rising senior in high school (rural area of upstate South Carolina)now a college freshman, baseball player, social media lover, southern boy who loves to be outside in the woods, water and wild.

I am a 40ish year old Dad of two boys, with a wife that still can hold her own even with 3 guys in the house! I have spent most of my working life in higher education enrollment, with a brief hiatus (5 years) into the corporate world. Now my life consists of visiting and consulting with colleges and universities across the south. And in between, I get to sit behind the computer screen and try to keep up with what is happening with this younger generation.

Time to be ready to Yield

This term brings to mind my team ringing the bell in celebration of another student sending their deposit for enrollment. I hope the bells in your offices are ringing constantly through the next several months. I challenge you to look at enrollment as a process of yielding at every stage and measure it to a tee!

The fall always brings lots of college fairs. How do you measure them? How do you make the best use of those dollars?

Measure. Support. Follow up.

1. Make sure to send pre-visit emails to prospects and inquires notifying them of your visit and give them a reason to come see your rep.
2. Take photos of the school sign/mascot. Thank the school for having you. Maybe even have social media followers guess where you are. Share. Share. Share.
3. Do that quick follow up. It matters. Make sure those inquiries are sitting in someone’s to do stack. They grow colder by the minute. Measure this step and get prospects to do something. Visit, apply, follow, like, etc.

Wow! What a summer. Read on!

In my blog posts I have always shared a personal account of my oldest son’s trek to college. Well, it has been interesting. He did end up choosing a school here in state (SC) and had a wonderful pre-enrollment experience. Once he moved in he figured out that living away from home was not for him, so we are now making plans to enroll (Spring 15) at our local college where he has been offered a scholarship to play baseball (his dream), in the meantime he is at the local community college.

I tell you the last minute of switching schools was one I never anticipated having to do and I don’t wish that one on anyone. I do give kudos to his first school for reaching out and trying to accommodate his needs but it was nothing that school did it was just my kid not being happy. Here is a great example of understanding on the schools part and follow up – they did outstanding and I told them that and will recommend them to other parents.

Wish me and my son luck as we do the financial aid, switcheroo of transcripts, and the ever loving expensive NCAA Clearinghouse. I had no idea that it was that costly to be declared an amateur and eligible.