4 Tools for Building Enrollment

It is my opinion that in order to be successful in the field of admissions you need to focus on creating and strengthening relationships. Relationships with students, their parents and their guidance counselors. Simply put, admissions is all about the relationships. With that said, it is close to impossible to develop and maintain relationships, in the highly competitive field of enrollment, without the necessary tools. Here are four simple tools that every admissions team should have in their toolbox.


The tools:

1) Student Search

2) Travel Brochure

3) Viewbook

4) Postcards


Why the tools:

Student Search – Identify the students that are most interested in your community.

Travel Brochure – Meet them in their community.

Viewbook – Educate them about your community.

Postcards – Stay visible in their community.


Benefits of the tools:

Student Search – Find them: The Search process allows you to identify students that are most interested in what you have to offer. This is a great way to increase and strengthen your inquiry pool. At the same time you are able to enhance your brand while communicating your key messages to a large community.  Through this process your message makes it into a large number of mailboxes and inboxes. Search allows you to reinforce your brand in certain, pre-identified, communities. It also allows you to divert the appropriate amount of energy and resources to students that are most serious about you.

Travel Brochure – Go to them: An impressive travel brochure to take on the road is a key tool for admissions counselors. The weeks of face to face meetings with students, parents and counselors can be very fruitful if a connection can be made. The travel brochure allows admissions counselors to make a connection and an impact. This publication should highlight key institutional messages and be filled with high quality photography.

Viewbook – Educate them: The viewbook should be the premier piece in your suite of publications. This piece should make the most impact. Commonly this is a more lengthy publication filled with high quality photos and an extensive profile of the institutions key programs.

Postcards – Stay connected with them: This is a cost efficient way to stay in front of the students you are recruiting. Once a student has been admitted you must continue to recruit them. A series of postcards gives you a systematic way to reinforce key messages and keep students engaged and informed.


There are many tools to choose from. This is a series of four that happen to work well together and can serve as the foundation for any recruitment team. TWG Plus prides itself on providing cost efficient enrollment based solutions. If your office lacks these tools or needs to upgrade the tools you are currently using please do not hesitate to reach out to discuss options and pricing.

Good luck building your next class!!

How Do You Know If Your Brand Strategy Is Working?

We understand that you’ve invested a lot of time and energy in your brand strategy. Unfortunately, we all too often find ourselves too busy to check our brand’s ‘vital signs’ to confirm that all of that effort is paying off.  We can help with that.

Join me and Catherine Herman, VP of communications and marketing at SUNY Albany, for a FREE Webinar:

Together, we will explain how to:

• Build benchmarks into your branding initiative
• Use data to strengthen your marketing efforts
• Use web analytics to support your brand more effectively

Attend this informative webinar and walk away with the means to uncover and present tangible proof that your brand is thriving!  See you there!

Beatrice Szalas, Vice President, TWG Plus

Beatrice Szalas

Beatrice Szalas

About Beatrice: Beatrice brings more than 17 years of research, integrated marketing, and institutional brand development experience to TWG Plus. During her career, Beatrice has led the development of marketing and recruitment campaigns for institutions across the U.S.and Canada. 

Throughout her career, Beatrice’s client work has won dozens of ADDY and HEMR awards while achieving measurable results for her clients enrollment, fundraising, and brand building efforts.


Catherine Herman

Catherine Herman

Catherine Herman is the Special Assistant to the Vice President for Research and Former Vice President of Strategic Communications and Marketing at the University at Albany. She is responsible for the overall development and implementation of strategic public relations and marketing programs.

Cathy has implemented several award-winning initiatives that have advanced campus communications among University constituents and improved the institution’s brand identity and visibility in the national media. 


Top 10 Tips for Improving your Brand Performance [INFOGRAPHIC]



What’s The Trick to Improving Your Higher Education Search and Branding?

twgplus - higher education predictive modeling,brandAdd a Rapid Insight and TWG Plus partnership to your marketing toolkit.

Just yesterday, September 5th, 2013, we announced our partnership with Rapid Insight.

This alliance is a natural fit.  With Rapid Insight, we can provide the most interesting, clear and accessible higher education predictive modeling available.

I see this as an important step in the growth of TWG Plus and higher education marketing.  Once mutually exclusive, Branding and Search (Direct Marketing) are experiencing a convergence. From the ROI of Social Media to the analytics from LinkedIn University, higher ed gains new data tools to measure the path to Enrollment, but brand saliency and equity as well.

Yes, our partnership with Rapid Insight will provide sound target segmentation for email and print campaigns.  But that’s just the beginning. This insight will fuel collaboration amongst enrollment managers, brand managers and our creative teams that produce effective and beautiful design. Combine these tools with our digital campaign analytics from our Digital Viewbooks and Google Adwords and you have a recipe for a higher education marketing company that is fresh and ready for the next generation of students.

Hooray Data! Hooray Brands!

Come see us at NACAC 2013!

As I prepare to go to the annual conference for the National Association for College Admission Counseling (NACAC) in Toronto this fall, I find myself thinking back on the conferences I’ve attended in past years.

This event marks my 31st, and although much has changed over time, a great deal still remains the same. The first one I attended was in Detroit at the Renaissance Center – the shining jewel in the revitalization of downtown Detroit. “Technology” consisted of power strips for plugging in the lights on the displays. Very few companies talked about marketing, and discussions of branding were still years away.

Over the years the conference has grown in both size and prestige. I always enjoy seeing the creativity on display in the booths. I have witnessed some firms making a big “splash,” only to be gone by the next year. Those of us who continue to attend annually have something in common: We understand not only why we are there, but whom we are serving.

Though our products and services vary, we all share a desire to help our college and university clients succeed and achieve their goals. This mission is the cornerstone of higher education marketing.

I am excited to be attending the conference again this year, not least because I always meet such interesting people. Many of the folks I’ve met over the years are still around; some have retired; and sadly, some are no longer with us. I feel extremely fortunate to enjoy a career in which I cross paths with so many talented individuals.

It will be a pleasure and an honor to see everyone in Toronto in 2013 and beyond.

A bientôt!
Dennis Whelan
TWG Plus