Higher Education Marketing Links of the Day

Each day, TWG Plus gives you a short synopsis of current events and best practices from the world of higher education and higher education marketing. Dr. Taylor Trussell is your curator.

Career Fair Hiring Again? (College Guide). “Apparently companies are going to college career fairs again, and hiring. Well, maybe.”

A logo is not a replacement for content or actions (Inside Tim’s Head). “It’s low-investment activity, sort of like bringing a canned good to gain free admission to a sporting event, then believing you’ve done your part to make the world a better place.”

What Makes a Great Professor (Survey) (Higher Education Management Group). “Notice what falls lowest as a source of value for professors from the student’s perspective: the very things that serve as the basis of value to the professor’s themselves and the institution’s that support them … .”

Is Your Brand Cool? (MediaPost). “As our current teenage audience becomes savvier about marketing, it is important to understand how the modern teenager defines cool.”

The New Funnel: The Decision Ellipse (Brian Solis). “[The d]ecision making cycle of connected customers.”

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