Social Features Month in Review

Here at TWGPlus we do our best to stay abreast of the rapidly changing social technology landscape.What follows are some recent changes that happened in June. We’ll keep you posted on how to blend them with your Search and Enrollment campaigns.

Update: Tweet Lots of Links to Get Followers Dan Zarella finds that tweeting lots of links and having many followers is correlated.

1. Google Releases the Google + Project – On June 28th, Google launched it’s Google+ project in a direct response to Facebook. Like Facebook it will allow users to post status updates, share links and upload photos. The real kicker will be the smaller social ‘circles’ that it allows friends to create.

2. Twitter Will Be Built into OS5 At the Apple WorldWide Developers Conference, Steve Jobs announced that Twitter will be deeply integrated into Apple’s next generation operating system. Users will only have to sign into Twitter once and will be able to send tweets from apps on the device.

3. The Who, How and Why of Twitter Infographic And the most likely person to use Twitter is….

4. Twitter Launches an Instant Follow Button – Much like the Facebook button, the Twitter follow button will allow readers to follow with only one click and never leave your site.

5.  Facebook Sees Traffic Drops in US as it Nears 700 Million Users 700 million users is nothing to sneeze at, but in the US there was a bit of a dip in activity.

6. Facebook Allows More Descriptive Page Tab – Increases to 100 Characters You can now extend the description of your page tab.

7. Dave Olsen Updates His Higher Ed Mobile Directory – This is a handy list from Dave Olsen.

8. Facebook Launches Automatic Phototagging – Facebook now automatically suggests the friends that are in your photos.

9. FTC Says Yes to Facebook Activity in Background Checks – Update your privacy settings. The FTC can legally archive seven years worth of your Facebook posts.