Higher Education Marketing Links of the Day

Each day, TWG Plus gives you a short synopsis of current events and best practices from the world of higher education and higher education marketing. Dr. Taylor Trussell is your curator.

Those Tweedy Old Admissions Deans? They’re All Business Now (Chronicle). “[W]hat makes a ‘good’ enrollment leader? What skills and traits do colleges value? The answer starts with numbers.”

On Athletes and Aid (IHE). “[A] new NCAA report shows that some institutions continue to violate what is often called Division III’s ‘bedrock principle.'”

What You Can Learn from 10 Schools that Get YouTube Right (Fathom Online Marketing). “In this white paper, you’ll be introduced to schools that are creating some of the best videos in YouTube EDU.”

As Mobile Devices Multiply, Some Colleges Turn Away From Building Campus Apps (Chronicle). “Think m.college.edu, not iCollege.”

Dartmouth’s Newest Blogger (College Guide). “If you have any incentive to hate Ivy League students because you think they are pretentious, entitled jerks, and not much brighter than the average student, I do not recommend that you read Park’s publication.”

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