QR Codes In Higher Education Webinar Wrap Up

Today, Ross and I held a quick webinar to outline the basics of QR Codes in Higher Education.  Here are the highlights

  • We reviewed recent technology changes in the social space – including the FTC’s recent decision to allow Facebook posts in background checks.
  • Covered a brief introduction to QR Codes
  • Went over the three things that every higher ed administrator should consider when running a QR Code campaign – Design, Context and Gifts
  • Wrapped up with a discussion of mobile pages and Microsofts Tag

The deck is below.

Happy Social Media Day and Fourth of July!

Higher Education Marketing Links of the Day

Each day, TWG Plus gives you a short synopsis of current events and best practices from the world of higher education and higher education marketing. Dr. Taylor Trussell is your curator.

Those Tweedy Old Admissions Deans? They’re All Business Now (Chronicle). “[W]hat makes a ‘good’ enrollment leader? What skills and traits do colleges value? The answer starts with numbers.”

On Athletes and Aid (IHE). “[A] new NCAA report shows that some institutions continue to violate what is often called Division III’s ‘bedrock principle.'”

What You Can Learn from 10 Schools that Get YouTube Right (Fathom Online Marketing). “In this white paper, you’ll be introduced to schools that are creating some of the best videos in YouTube EDU.”

As Mobile Devices Multiply, Some Colleges Turn Away From Building Campus Apps (Chronicle). “Think m.college.edu, not iCollege.”

Dartmouth’s Newest Blogger (College Guide). “If you have any incentive to hate Ivy League students because you think they are pretentious, entitled jerks, and not much brighter than the average student, I do not recommend that you read Park’s publication.”

Social Features Month in Review

Here at TWGPlus we do our best to stay abreast of the rapidly changing social technology landscape.What follows are some recent changes that happened in June. We’ll keep you posted on how to blend them with your Search and Enrollment campaigns.

Update: Tweet Lots of Links to Get Followers Dan Zarella finds that tweeting lots of links and having many followers is correlated.

1. Google Releases the Google + Project – On June 28th, Google launched it’s Google+ project in a direct response to Facebook. Like Facebook it will allow users to post status updates, share links and upload photos. The real kicker will be the smaller social ‘circles’ that it allows friends to create.

2. Twitter Will Be Built into OS5 At the Apple WorldWide Developers Conference, Steve Jobs announced that Twitter will be deeply integrated into Apple’s next generation operating system. Users will only have to sign into Twitter once and will be able to send tweets from apps on the device.

3. The Who, How and Why of Twitter Infographic And the most likely person to use Twitter is….

4. Twitter Launches an Instant Follow Button – Much like the Facebook button, the Twitter follow button will allow readers to follow with only one click and never leave your site.

5.  Facebook Sees Traffic Drops in US as it Nears 700 Million Users 700 million users is nothing to sneeze at, but in the US there was a bit of a dip in activity.

6. Facebook Allows More Descriptive Page Tab – Increases to 100 Characters You can now extend the description of your page tab.

7. Dave Olsen Updates His Higher Ed Mobile Directory – This is a handy list from Dave Olsen.

8. Facebook Launches Automatic Phototagging – Facebook now automatically suggests the friends that are in your photos.

9. FTC Says Yes to Facebook Activity in Background Checks – Update your privacy settings. The FTC can legally archive seven years worth of your Facebook posts.

Higher Education Marketing Links of the Day

Each day, TWG Plus gives you a short synopsis of current events and best practices from the world of higher education and higher education marketing. Dr. Taylor Trussell is your curator.

5 Years Later, the Growing Divide Worsens in Higher Education (Chronicle).  The Chronicle of Higher Education continues it’s series on the growing divide in American Higher Education. As college costs continue to rise, there is a lack of clarity on how they will support making those institutions more diverse.

U.S. Will Need Another 20 Million Workers With Some College Education, Report Says (Chronicle). Georgetown University Center on Education and the Workforce says that the U.S. has been producing too few college-educated workers since 1980.  In order to reduce income inequality, the nation will need to create 20 million workers with college degrees over the next 15 years.

What’s the Best Investment: Stocks, Bonds, Homes … or College? (Atlantic). Derek Thompson of the Atlantic provides a laundry list of charts to make the case for a college education.

Census estimates show minority babies now outnumber white babies, part of sweeping race change (Washington Post). “For the first time, more than half of the children under age 2 in the U.S. are minorities, part of a sweeping race change and a growing age divide between mostly white, older Americans and fast-growing younger ethnic populations that could reshape government policies.”

Trend: Youth Mobile Social Space (Mobile Youth). A great presentation from Mobile Youth showing off 7 examples of how youth have used mobile and Social Tools to define social space.

Five Steps for Using QR Codes to Connect Print with the Digital Layer

On Wednesday, June 22, we held a lunch and learn for some local Austin businesses so that we could discuss QR Codes and print strategies.  What follows are my thoughts on the five things that you need to think about when you’re designing a strategy to connect print media to the digital layer.

If there’s one thing I hope that you take away from this presentation it’s this: Use QR codes to deliver a gift to your constituents. Make sure that the digital experience you’re placing on the phone or tablet is useful, easy to use and enjoyable.