“Hip Hip Hooray!” For Social Media

Social media, social media, social media—need I say more?

The numbers are in:

  • Six in 10 consumers follow at least one brand on Facebook or Twitter—40 percent of these people do so for promotional purposes (coupons, etc.) and 30 percent are just looking for more information.
  • 67 percent of Americans prefer Facebook over other social media websites.
  • 25 percent of Americans have recommended brands to a friend through social media within the past three months.

While it might seem exciting to throw up a new picture or remind your followers about the upcoming football game, stopping there is not going to be enough to gain followers. “The challenge for companies,” claims Gary Edwards (Empathica’s VP of client services), “is to identify the triggers that make consumers want to follow their brand, further engage with them and keep them top-of-mind” (Source).

Edwards recommends that brands, products and services who utilize social media need to provide incentive to their followers: “Consumers show preference to interacting with brands that offer coupons and promotions… It’s important to recognize consumer preferences.”

I don’t care who you are—if I’m following you on Facebook or Twitter, you need to provide something of value (I’ll gladly take an iPad, for example). Although a “whoop and holler” for the basketball team is not something that needs to be silenced, brands (I’m mostly talking about schools here) have a lot more people to cater to.

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