Introducing Predictive Modeling at TACAC

On April 19, 2010, at the Omni Hotel in Houston, The Whelan Group presented to an audience of just over 30 higher education professionals about the benefits of utilizing a customized predictive modeling solution.

Our solution, which is customized based on the institution it is being applied to, helps turn your Search list into a database of individuals with added value – more information.

Examples of information that is scored and added to your list:

  • Academic profile of the student
  • Academic profile of the student’s high school
  • Financial need of the student
  • Financial power of the student’s high school
  • And, the likelihood that student will apply to your institution

All of these fields make your Search list more effective in generating inquiries, but also save you money by decreasing the amount you mail (postage) and the amount of names you purchase.

Learn more about our Customized Predictive Modeling Solution.

Download a copy of our presentation.